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Nate's Home Page

For anyone who cares, I offer here my story and some of my favorite links.

Tidal Inlet, Glacier Bay National Park
More photos...

  • I live very happily in Gustavus, Alaska. No people live between me and a vast wilderness area.
  • My favorite recreation is to experience true wilderness solitude.
  • I see life's most important long-term issue as being biodiversity. All known life is related.
  • I am co-founder of Spirit Walker Expeditions. I guided sea kayaking trips in Alaska's Inside Passage from 1987 to 2002.
  • I have been a half-time computer specialist for Glacier Bay National Park since 1994.
  • I have spent considerable effort as a consultant and volunteer for the Gustavus Public Library, helping them set up a computer network and the beginnings of a community network. See the electronic forums and my Technology Tips.
  • I helped set up the Gustavus Community Network to strengthen our community by connecting people. I am contracted to provide certain network services to GCN.
  • My latest venture is Corvid Computing, a full-service computer and communications consulting company I started with two friends in Gustavus in 2007.
  • I helped the City of Gustavus get its electronic communications underway.
  • For their influential work on Inside Passage conservation issues, I am a supporter of the Southeast Alaska Conservation Council.
  • I support the efforts of SeaWead to promote cooperative stewardship of Icy Strait and other areas.
  • I was chair of the Gustavus Land Legacy, working closely with The Nature Conservancy to successfully preserve what's best about Gustavus: living with the wildlife.
  • I believe in living simply so that others (of all species) may simply live. Try this fun test: The Earth Day Ecological Footprint Quiz. As Gustavus writer/photographer Kim Heacox wrote, "True wealth is not a matter of adding to our possessions, but of subtracting from the sum of our desires." I spoke on this matter at Gary Carlson and Ilana Guttman's wedding.
  • If a player sliding into home plate reached into his pocket and handed the umpire $1,000 before he made the call, what would we call that?  A bribe. And if a lawyer handed a judge $1,000 before he issued a ruling, what do we call that?  A bribe.  But when a lobbyist or CEO sidles up to a member of Congress at a fundraiser or in a skybox and hands him a check for $1,000, what do we call that?  A campaign contribution. Buy back our elected officials with clean money, clean elections.
  • Hmmm. I now have a MySpace page but there isn't much of anything there that isn't here. I can't seem to log in to MySpace any more but I now have a Facebook page.

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Nathan Borson - P.O. Box 211 - Gustavus, AK 99826 -